Everything You Need to Know about Amber Jewellery

Amber jewellery are the awesome as well as the must-have items for everyone who wants to have beautiful accessories to wear confidently, to complete appearance and offer plenty health benefits at the same time. For sure, amber jewellery will be your perfect choice too!

If you look for amber jewellery on the web, then you will definitely spend more time than you imagine to choose the best product. It’s because there are so many items made by highly skilled amber artisans and each piece is actually a representation of someone’s unique style and character. So don’t worry, you will definitely get the most suitable necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings or pendant for yourself.

If you are a mom with teething baby, then you can buy amber teething beads at once. This fossilized pine tree resin is super lightweight, so is very comfortable to wear. The amber for teething baby comes in two types: 33cm necklace and 15cm bracelet.

Amber Jewellery: Choosing the Design

The making of amber jewellery is a part of tradition especially in Europe. In the past, the designs of amber necklace, bracelet and other items were very simple and the options were still limited. The advance of technology has enabled the artisans to play with creativity, making several different shapes and combining amber with various natural materials.

A simple amber bracelet or necklace for adult is made of amber beads, strung on either stretchy silicone gums, special thread or metal wire. The length starts from 18cm or 45cm (and up). For those who love amber jewellery with different design, then choose the ones combined with 925 sterling silver, lapis lazuli, lava stone, wood, Rudraksha or turquoise stone. For some more special designs, the combination is not only about materials, but also shape and surface.

What make amber jewellery so special? Every item is unique. Even if two items have the same design, the details of both will not be exactly the same. Amber is from nature, not plastic or artificial beads which can be made in exactly the same color and shape between one and another.

Choosing the shape of amber beads will probably become the most interesting part because there are a lot of options from round to flat ones. Each comes in three different type of surface: glossy (smooth and shiny), raw (rough and look natural) and matte (smooth and still look natural). Lemon, honey, cognac, cherry, black, milky and butterscotch are among the most popular colors you can compare and choose. Keep in mind that it’s a matter of personal preference since all amber offer the same great health benefits.

Stay Fit and Healthy with Amber Jewellery

Maximum contact between the beads and skin is the most essential key to get the best health benefits of wearing amber jewellery. Skin will absorb special pain reliever substance called succinic acid into bloodstream completely. It does not only work as pain reliever, but also be a great alternative for everyone who wants to reduce stress level and deal with anxiety. In the long term, amber can be a great natural immunity booster, protects the body against illnesses.

Besides maximum contact, the type of amber you would have bought becomes something you need to pay attention to. Never buy amber jewellery except they are made of genuine Baltic amber beads. Baltic region is the best place to find fossilized pine tree resin with high percentage of succinic acid. Genuine Baltic amber will come with certificate of authenticity.

The abovementioned consideration on choosing amber jewellery is also necessary when you shop for amber for teething baby. It can be in the form of loose amber teething beads or teething necklace and bracelet. When we can choose the best help from nature for ourselves and our little ones, then the other options which are potentially harmful for the body are no longer needed. Happy shopping!